Fenty Beauty Wants To Collab With This K-Pop Star

Is EXO's Kai the next face of Fenty?
PHOTO: Instagram/zkdlin

Rihanna's makeup brand, Fenty Beauty, has their sights on a major collaboration with a K-Pop star. Fans of Kai from popular boy group EXO pitched the brilliant idea over social media, creating photo manipulations and videos that proved why he could be the perfect Fenty guy. Hence, the hashtag #FENTYXKAI was born.

Take this faux teaser for the collab, for example, which features Kai and the brand's Body Lava.

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This eerily realistic edit of him and Riri in a Fenty campaign takes the cake, too!

These edits quickly circulated online and eventually reached the Fenty Beauty team, who responded to the trending hashtag. "Okay we see y'all," they wrote in a tweet. "We're sending a DM."

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Now that the Fenty team has taken action, you might be wondering: Why him? Well, in addition to being the main dancer and center of one of the biggest boy groups in Korea, Kai is known for his unique look that fits the makeup brand's pool of ambassadors perfectly. And if you ask us, we think he'll also do really well in the modeling world.

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More importantly, a collab would be the perfect opportunity to introduce someone who is both Asian and male as the face of an American beauty brand, ticking the right boxes for new-age representation in beauty.

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That said, Allure notes that a contract between the whole of EXO and Nature Republic, a Korean beauty brand, might get in the way of the collab. But who knows? Kai should check his DMs already and make it all possible. Keep your fingers crossed!

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