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4 Ways To Deal With Gym Hair

Because hitting the showers isn't always an option.

What you deserve after waking up to 17 alarms just to get your exercise on is—seriously—a tub of fries. Not sweaty, sticky strands you can’t show up to work with.

Thank God for mane tricks that let you squat your way to a sexy a$$ without looking like you did! Can we get a hair-llelujah?

1. Level up your hair game.

Here’s a product-free solution to get rid of baby bangs: tie your hair in tiers! Start with a half-pony, and then gather your locks again for a full ponytail. Switch this up to a French braid before clocking in at the office. (No one will be able to tell you were just sweating buckets doing, you know, lunges.)

2. The higher the topknot…

…the closer you are to (mostly) sweat-free hair, post-gym. Unravel it after your workout sesh, and then coil your locks again, but this time into a low, loose bun. Et voila: boardroom-ready in a jiffy.

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3.   Take your strands for a spin.

Nothing zaps post-workout endorphins as fast as seeing pesky ponytail lines on your hair. The only way out of this beauty bane is to get your locks wet again (which, as established, an on-the-go power woman like you doesn’t always have time for), so just keep ’em coif creases from happening.
Instead of using an elastic to put your hair up, go with bobby pins—or, better yet, try spiral-shaped hair pins, like Goody’s Spin Pins. A spiral-shaped hair pin has a grip equivalent to 20 bobby pins, so you'll literally need just one or two of these hair holders.

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4.   Leave high and dry.

Should every mane trick in the book fail you, just turn to the holy grail of busy-girl hair products: dry shampoo (Read: 5 Reasons Why Dry Shampoo Is The Shit). Waterless showers in under a minute are possible, thanks to different formulas that absorb oil and nix odor. Go for a powder formula if you have an oily scalp, and a mousse or spray-on kind if you have a dry one.

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