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5 Things Real Guys Think About Brazilian Waxing

How bald do they really want it?

Any girl who has had to lie still through a Brazilian wax knows that it is basically HELL ON EARTH. But for all the torture you put yourself through just to be smooth as the day you were born down there, do you know what men really think of your bush situation? Here, we got real guys to spill!

1. Going downtown: more fun with Brazilian.

You know how annoying it is when pubes get in your mouth while you’re giving your dude a BJ? Yeah, they don’t dig the stray strand, either. That’s why a hair-free crotch is heaven-sent for them: it lets them pleasure you better.

Timmy, 25, says, “I prefer my woman’s genitalia hair-free or at least neatly trimmed, as it contributes to how well I can please her down under. You don’t want your meal to be disrupted by a mouthful of hair, do you? Same thing.” 

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Miguel, 27, agrees. “A bare crotch saves me from the awkward—and unsexy—moment of having to pick hair off my tongue.”

Joey, 32, expounds on the easier logistics of hair-free munching. “When eating her out, it's easier to breathe if her vagina's waxed kasi the hair doesn't get in your nostrils.”

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2. They find it ultra-hot when you go hairless for their pleasure.

Whether you got waxed to give your S.O. a sexy surprise or just to make sure no stray hairs peek out from your bikini while you’re in Bora, it’s a welcome sight in the sack, which Poks, 31, says “makes me want to get a test drive as soon as possible.”

If you really got a wax to treat your guy, then he’s a lucky SOB, and he knows it. “It makes me feel cared for,” says Timmy. “It’s one of those surprise presents she doesn’t give to you but instead, does to herself—for you.”

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Expect him to be more attentive once you show off your hair-free ladybits. As Lee, 26, shares, “I'd make sure to make her feel extra special in bed!”

Plus, it gets him thinking of all the kinky possibilities. “It makes me wonder what else she's down for,” Miguel admits.

3. But—no surprise here—when it’s sexy time, no bush is too bushy.

So what if you strip off your clothes to reveal an afro between your thighs? Sex is still on the table, and if there’s one thing men can’t get enough of besides pizza and beer, it’s that.

Says Miguel, “I think that by the time you learn about the carpeting situation, it'd be too late to back out, and honestly, if you've already gotten that far, why would you?”

Lee concurs, saying, “A thick bush wouldn't stop me from sleeping with a girl—surprise! I like sex!—but it might stop me from going down on her.”

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Jose, 31, echoes the sentiment. “I think nothing would stop a guy when it comes to sleeping with a girl. Thick bush or not, it's sex, come on!”

4. Relax yo vags, girls: You don’t have to go full baldy to please men.

Many men actually have a low-maint stance on vag-scaping, like Joey. “I don't think pubic hair is a big deal,” he says. “‘Wag lang ‘yung todo rowdy sa haba.” Poks agrees, saying, “Kahit hindi neatly maintained. Plain bush, no matter what the look.”

Your best bet is to just keep the garden under control, if not by waxing, by trimming or shaving. Shares Lee, “I like girls who trim their bush. I once slept with a girl who had a neatly trimmed bush and I'd go down on her for days.”

If you want to rock a triangle patch or a landing strip, go for it! “I can appreciate some creative trimming so long as it keeps the foliage under control,” says Miguel.

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5. They might not go full-on Boyzilian, but they’d manscape for you. Aww.

The guys we talked to admit to keeping things tidy down there, with trimming the preferred form of manscaping.

Some of them would even dare to go bare as a labor of love. “It would depend on what my partner’s preferences are,” Timmy revealed. “If it pleases her, I’d do it.” Swoon.

But the others draw the line when it comes to Boyzilian. One of them is Lee, who’s “afraid my dick will fall off if I get one.” Another is Poks, who says, “Brazilian? Never. Ever.”

Can’t really blame them. What guy hasn’t seen Steve Carell’s infamous waxing scene in The 40-Year-Old Virgin?

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