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7 Hair Dryer Hacks You Need In Your Life

You can use it for your nails!

The first portable blow dryer was invented in 1920. Back then it didn’t dry hair very well because it had only 100 watts of heat. Fast-forward to 2016 and the blow dryer has evolved into a heavy-duty hair tool that styles all types and lengths of hair. Thanks to creative beauty addicts and innovative makeup artists, we found other uses for the blow dryer.

1. Melt dried gel eyeliner.

Did you accidentally forget to put back the cap or cover of your cream or gel liner? If it looks dry, don’t throw it out just yet! You can still save what’s left of it. Scrape a small chunk and place it on a small plate, and then blast it with the hair dryer for a few seconds or until the eyeliner melts. You can then use your eyeliner brush to apply the melted eyeliner. Scrape off only what you need each time. Don’t be tempted to melt the entire pot in one go.

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2. Dry nails faster.

Using the cool setting, run the blow dryer air over your freshly polished digits to help it set faster.

3. Break in new shoes.

When you buy a pair of new shoes, wear thick socks, put on the shoes, and then turn on the heat. The blow dryer heat will soften and expand your shoes’ material. Click here for a video tutorial!

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4. Dry your beauty tools before packing.

If you’re heading to the airport soon, use the blow dryer to dry out your toothbrush, makeup sponges, and other moist beauty tools before sealing them in your luggage.

5. Remove stubborn labels.

Need an easy way to peel off those annoying sticker labels and price tags from the items you just purchased? Soften the adhesive by applying heat before peeling it off.

6. Heated eyelash curler.

This is an old makeup trick. Blast your eyelash curler with warm air for a few seconds before curling your lashes. Instant heated eyelash curler!

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7. Hot compress

Don’t have a hot compress pack at home or you suddenly need one during a trip? Take a small towel, moist it with tap water, and then apply it on your injured area. Point the blow dryer heat on the moist towel to turn it into a hot compress. Leave it running for a few minutes and make sure the towel remains damp during the process.

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