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7 Tricks To Scoring The Perfect Ponytail

These little hair tweaks can make such a big difference.

Guilty of heading out with a sloppy, limp ponytail? We totally get that this is probably the easiest (and fastest) way to handle a bad hair day. That’s why we thought of simple tweaks that you can try so you can make this 'do look extra chic—especially in the office.

Tweak 1: Choose Your Part.
Switching it up can drastically change the vibe you exude. Pulling everything back can add a hint of sophistication, a side part can make you appear more casual, and a center part will can make you look like a model just chillin’ on her day off.

Tweak 2: Choose The Height.
Lots of options here! A sleek, low ponytail is perfect for nights out with the girls. A high pony at the top of your head can help exude more power for the boardroom. While a bouncy, mid ponytail can add a playful, flirty feel for weekends with your honey.

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Tweak 3: Play With Texture.
Curl, straighten, or tease your strands before gathering and tying ’em up. Our vote: loose waves just like Blake Lively's in Gossip Girl.

 Tweak 4: Your Hair Elastics Count.
A ratty scrunchy or a loose pantali will only make your pony droop halfway through the day. Opt for fresh hair ties that are free from metals and snag-free elastics, so they can keep your pony perky without damaging your strands in the process.

Tweak 5: Do The Wrap-Around.
Got extra time? Hide your hair tie by gathering a strand of hair and wrapping it around the base of your pony. Once done, secure the ends with a bobby pin and hair spray.

Tweak 6: Add Some Volume.
When doing a basic pony, try this move: gather your bangs together in front of your head, twist it once, then push it forward to create a bit of a poof and secure with hair pins. Adding a little volume in the front only takes a few secs, but it’ll help your ’do look more styled and put-together.

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Tweak 7: Blow Dry It.
We know the whole point of a pony is that it's low maint, but if you want a couture-like finish, more effort is required. To score a sleek, modern look—ust like you see in fashion shows—blow dry your hair in the direction you're going to tie it. It'll make such a huge difference!

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