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8 Flat Irons That Curl Hair

You don't need a curling iron to achieve sexy, tousled waves; a hair straightener can do the trick.

To save time, space (on your vanity table), and money, use a trick professional hairstylists employ: Curl hair with a flat iron. Loose, sexy waves aren't achievable only by using a curling rod or rollers; hair straighteners curl hair just as easily as a curling wand.

Hairstylist and makeup artist Ara Fernando says that to get a good head of curls, width is important. "The width of the plates should be around 1 to 1/2 inches wide," she says. For a smoother curl, look for straighteners with curved edges instead of sharp corners, and look for ceramic plates—these help style hair safely while adding shine to locks.

In order to get smooth curls and to avoid sharp angles, Fernando recommends drying hair first before curling hair with a straightener. "Never stay on one part for a long time; use smooth twisting strokes." says Fernando. "To avoid sharp edges, don't stop in the middle of the curling process and don't squeeze the iron too tightly," she adds.

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Though there are a slew of hair straighteners that are developed to work on wet hair, Fernando doesn't recommend using them often. "Hair is weakest when wet, so you're more prone to hair damage and breakage," she explains.

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P.S. Watch this DIY beauty tutorial to see a video demo of how a flat iron can curl hair.