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A 'Quiet Chair' In The Salon Is For Every Girl Who Isn't Into Small Talk

Not everyone is a fan of salon chika.

While going to the salon is a time for some women to chat and catch up on the latest gossip with their favorite hairdressers and manicurists, some people would just rather get their services done and leave ASAP. Let’s face it—we don’t all have the gift of having the energy to survive small talk. Not everyone is a fan of parlor chika.

Because of this very common problem, Bauhaus salon in Cardiff, South Wales came up with a “quiet chair” service, where customers and hairdressers didn’t have to awkwardly try to converse during their time together.

According to, customers who wish to avail of the “quiet chair” first gets a one-on-one consultation with the stylist. After that, they will proceed with the service in complete silence. No awkward questions about their personal lives, no attempts at trying to sell the customer additional treatments, no having to deal with the pressure of having to be polite—just good ol’ hairstyling.

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We have yet to hear of a salon in the Philippines that will offer the same service, but we think the concept is pretty cool. Not everyone creates a bond with their go-to hairstylists and open up to them about their plans for the summer. Some of us just want to get a trim in peace.

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What do you think of the quiet chair concept, CGs?

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