Here's What Happened During Anne Curtis' Shampoo Commercial Shoot

Cosmopolitan Philippines joined Anne during her latest milestone.
PHOTO: Ira Nopuente

Anne Curtis has come a long way since her days as a childhood star. She has transformed from being a "chuwariwap girl" (her words, not ours!) to a woman with internationally recognized achievements. Apart from being an actress, host, and concert performer, Anne is a UNICEF ambassador, marathon runner, and beauty mogul.

Another item to add to her already packed resume? Anne is the latest endorser of one of the Philippines' leading shampoo brands, Pantene. On a trip to Bangkok, Thailand, we joined her for her latest milestone. Here's everything that went down!

  1. It was shot in a huge studio.

    We went to a compound in Bangkok, Thailand, where numerous spacious studios are located. The TVC was shot in Studio 1, and it had a huge shooting area that could maybe fit 20 cars in it. Plus, the dressing rooms had cool interiors!

  2. It really does take a village to shoot a TVC!

    There were at least 30 people inside the studio. That includes the shooting crew, glam team, and the equipment group.

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  3. Anne barely wore makeup.

    Her makeup artist Robbie Piñera revealed he just mixed an illuminator and moisturizer to create Anne's dewy base. As for her lids, he smudged a bit of color to define her big, brown eyes. He chose an MLBB lippie to complete her look.

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  4. Anne had red highlights!

    It's quite refreshing to see a shampoo commercial endorser with short hair and wild hair color! "I love how it's a different kind of branding for the shampoo. It suits the personality of an everyday woman. You don't have to represent just one woman with long straight black hair or humongous waves. It's a brand that supports who you truly are. That's when I said, 'Hey, I want to represent that kind of brand.'" she said.

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  5. Her hair was shiny IRL.

    What we saw on cam, we saw in real life. Anne's hair was lustrous and bouncy! A day before the shoot, her locks were treated to Pantene products to make sure they will look, well, shampoo commercial-worthy.

  6. She wore her own shoes.

    Although the stylist presented lots of options, Anne opted for a personal touch and put on her Louis Vuitton boots to match her biker chic OOTD. Here's an old pic of her wearing it:

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  7. Anne just gave us literally the coolest tip on how to have a great hair day.

    "For every day, I love the 'tuyong-aircon' or 'tuyong-electric fan' look. Yung may hair bends. Where it's not super straight. It's like disheveled in a way. It's not frizzy, but it has the perfect amount of [being] messy and disheveled. It's super easy to style! Siyempre, you use the right shampoo and conditioner that will keep your hair healthy! You're good to go na

    "For a night out or date night, maybe you could put in some loose waves. There are a lot of ways to achieve it—you could braid your hair or if you have short hair like I do, what I do when I'm traveling is I braid [until] here [points to her ears]. If you have longer hair, you can bun it," Anne explained. Sounds pretty easy and doable, right?

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