12 Hairstyles That Will Go With Your Bikini

Take cues from our favorite celebrity beach babes!

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Hitting the beach soon? Don’t forget to style your hair! Here are 12 hair pegs we picked up from our favorite celebrity beach babes:

Practical Ponytail

No doubt the easiest way to tame your tresses when it’s humid AF. Pull your tresses up in a messy ponytail, just like Sarah Lahbati.

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Mermaid braid

Instead of the usual French braid, shift your hair to the side and pull them apart for a relaxed and casual feel.

Top Knot

Girls with curly hair know that being at the beach makes it easy to put your hair up, even without a hair tie or hair pin. Keep your hair out of your face by doing a super messy top knot a la Andi Eigenmann.

Half up knot

Style the top part of your hair in a top knot—it’s the new cool girl ‘do after all.

Use a colorful headwrap

Lovi Poe wears a head wrap with a super summery print, while she lets the rest of her hair flow naturally. Chic!

Pocahontas braid

Here’s Lovi mixing things up with her head wrap! Try braided pigtails, then finish off with your accessory. Easy boho look.

Floppy hat

Not much of a head wrap girl? Use a wide brimmed floppy hat instead! It looks super cute and is also really helpful in protecting your skin from sun damage.

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Boyish braids

Arci Munoz trades in girly hats for a black trucker cap to match her braids and board shorts. Love her tomboy style!

Top Buns

Check out this super cute hairstyle! Super doable at the beach! (And you get pretty waves on your locks when you put your hair down.)

Wide Bun

Cop this look by putting your hair in a high ponytail then not pulling everything all the way through when you’re almost done. You’ll get this relaxed bun look.

Hair wraps

Jessy Mendiola takes us back to the ‘90s! Love how she reminded us of why we were so obsessed with colorful hair wraps in the first place: they’re cute AF.

Flower girl

Nothing says island girl like having a bunch of fresh flowers behind your ear.

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