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Hairstyles For Brides Who Want To Let Their Hair Down

Let your locks flow on your big day!

When it comes to bridal hairstyles, updos are pretty much still the more popular choice. However, if you’re leaning toward letting your locks flow freely on your big day, we say go for it! Here, 10 celebs sporting made-up tresses that will look fantastic, even under your veil:  

Voluminous crown braid

Curl the lower half of your hair for a more romantic feel.

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Romantic loose curls

Perfect for the chill and laid-back bride.

Braids and waves

Follow your natural hair part and ask for loose braids on either side.

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Big waves with a center part

Have mid-length hair? You can still sport this ‘do.

Soft slicked-back hair

This one’s definitely our fave!

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Simple and sweet

Perfect for low-key wedding celebrations.

Pinned back

Isn’t this ‘do gorgeous? Pin back your non-dominant side—it will show off your eyes more.

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Center part with braids

Beach bride? This one’s for you!

Glam curls

Of course, women with short and mid-length hair can sport glam curls, too!

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Side-swept hair

Looking for something more fancy? Side-swept hair is the way to go! 

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