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Carla Abellana's Straight Hair Style Tips

Carla and five lucky Palmolive winners bonded over their love for silky straight hair during their Cosmo photo shoot!

Actress and Palmolive Naturals Silky Straight Shampoo & Conditioner endorser Carla Abellana definitely knows a thing or two about hair care. As someone who’s been modeling since age 12, she says her tresses have been through a lot—heat damage from styling, exposure to the elements, and the inevitable dryness and split ends. Although she admits that having long hair takes a lot of effort, she prefers it this way. In fact, like most Pinays, she's willing to go the extra mile to maintain her long, glossy mane.

Carla shares, “My hair was long all throughout college, but when I graduated, I decided to chop it off. Hanggang chin! I regretted it—I don’t want to ever cut my hair that short anymore!” The reason? “With long, silky straight hair, you can style it more, play around with it more.
Carla also gives some tried-and-tested hair styling ideas: “Ang daming options! You can wear it down, use hair clips, elastics, and headbands, tie it to the side, do a high pony, or put it up in a bun for more formal events. It’s so fun to play around with it!” And maybe that’s the reason why so many Filipinas opt for luscious long locks – it gives them the freedom to show off different styles effortlessly.
A quick style tip that Carla uses a lot is to change the natural hair part. Try it; you’d be surprised at the noticeable but effortless results! “I usually wear my hair down because I don’t like the visible mark that my hair elastic leaves after a ponytail. I just change the part sometimes, like one day it’s in the middle, others, it’ll be to the side.”
Carla adds that long, silky locks definitely add to the allure of the Pinay. Think about it: who hasn't given a second look at that girl who stands out because of her hair? “It may be harder to take care of, but for me, I personally like long hair. Parang I don’t know, baka it’s the Disney Princess effect in me!” Carla says with a laugh. For maintenance, she gets monthly trims to remove split ends and undergoes hot oil treatments at least three times a year to combat dryness. For daily care, she uses Palmolive Naturals Silky Straight Shampoo & Conditioner. Its formula, infused with 100% natural virgin coconut oil and soy protein extracts, helps to relax waves and frizz for a silky straight look.
Most girls would agree with Carla, especially when it comes to taking the extra effort required to end up with gorgeous, silky straight hair–which is definitely the Filipina’s favorite. That’s why Palmolive Naturals endeavored for Pinays nationwide to have a real conversation about this through Straight Talk by Palmolive Naturals Hair Chats: It was an online contest where girls had to send in a photo of themselves wearing their favorite straight hair plus their very own tip for maintaining silky straight hair. Aside from a chance to exchange tips with other girls who also love straight hair, this gave them a chance to have a professional photo shoot with Carla arranged by Cosmo plus a P5,000 shopping spree! 
The turnout was a success and last November 23, five winners met the lovely  Palmolive Naturals endorser for their Cosmo shoot.
To get to know the winners, see their tips, and view snapshots from the photo shoot, click on gallery link below!


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