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Affordable Ways To Treat Dry And Damaged Hair

Restore your crowning glory.
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Bringing your dry, brittle strands back to life doesn’t require expensive salon treatments or fancy hair care products. Here’s a budget-friendly routine you can try to resurrect your locks.

1. Shampoo the right way

Surfactants in shampoos (what makes them slippery and sudsy) tend to be too drying for already-brittle tips. What you can do is to focus the lather on the roots. The scalp needs more washing more than the ends because that’s where dirt and grease build up. Allow the leftover suds to cleanse the ends of the hair.

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2. Hydrate daily

Thirsty strands need moisture, which is why using a conditioner is the quickest solution. Make sure to coat each follicle (avoiding the roots to avoid flat hair!) with a nutrient-rich product after every shampoo.

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3. Seal your cuticles

Apply hair serums and leave-in conditioners on the tips to battle frizz and to hydrate the follicles as you go through your day.

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4. Protect your hair from heat

And this includes sunlight and heat-styling tools! When you want to iron or blow dry your hair, always use a heat-protectant to prevent further damage. Wear hats when you're outside, too!

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P.S. This goes against our style rules, but if the sun is too hot to handle, we'll forgive you for using an umbrella (even when it's not raining) to protect your mane. Pick one in a cute print while you're at it!

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5. Try an all-natural hair mask

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You may concoct your own hair revitalizing mask if you’re kitchen savvy. Mix mashed avocado and a teaspoon of coconut oil in one bowl. Wrap your hair with the mixture, and rinse after letting it sit for 20 minutes. The two natural ingredients can improve your locks' hydration and shine in a jiffy!

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