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Your Dry Shampoo Could Be Thinning Out Your Hair

PHOTO: Nick Onken

Scary news for dry shampoo users: you could be thinning out your hair.

Ever since we discovered dry shampoo, it has been a steady staple in our kikay kits. We keep one at home, one in our purse, and even one on our office desk. We can’t help itsprinkling or spritzing on dry shampoo on second- or third-day hair makes our locks look sexier. (Not to mention, it also masks the amoy anit scent we get.) It’s literally every tamad girl’s best friend.

This is why our hearts were shattered into a million pieces after finding out that regularly applying dry shampoo can actually do serious damage to our locks, including increasing hair fall and thinning.

Olga Khazan of The Atlantic did her own snooping after she noticed that her hair part seemed to get wider and wider. After searching around on Google and “unscientifically” polling 11 hair experts and dermatologists for their expert advice, she learned several interesting things. For one, there are people who use dry shampoo like regular shampoo, meaning they rely on it to clean their hair. The thing is, dry shampoo can only soak up excess oil on the scalp, but not clean it at all. She also found out that dry shampoo “deposits substances to coat the follicle and these can build up.” In turn, the follicles can get inflamed and eventually weaken, leading to excessive hair shedding. In other cases, follicles can also cluster together, so “a hair that would normally shed during brushing may take two or three strands along with it.” Terrifying.


Cosmopolitan UK, on the other hand, found out that not washing your hair as frequently as you should could lead to microbial build-up on the scalpwhich could potentially lead to skin issues like Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, resulting in a red and itchy scalp.

The solution? Wash your hair as often as possible. Don’t rely on dry shampoo to cleanse your hair, because it really isn’t doing much. Only use your dry shampoo when you need it and limit it to once a week. We also recommend using clarifying shampoos to get rid of excess product and residue from your scalp to keep your tresses healthy.

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