15 Posts About Hair That Are 100 Percent Relatable And True

It's me. It's all of me.
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Anyone who has hair can automatically relate to these memes. From fighting a bad hair day to deciding if you need bangs or a haircut, the posts below will make you scream, "IT ME!" over and over again.

  1. TBH, this is accurate.

  2. Bangs = existential crisis. I mean... do you really need a fringe?

  3. We all have *that* one person in our life who makes us question our decisions.

  4. Let's talk about the sad truth of wearing a sleek ponytail.

  5. Ugh, the pain of humidity!

  6. Achieving the equal shampoo and conditioner usage ratio will always be a myth. 

  7. Shout out to my hair trying her best to be strong for me.

  8. When a brunette goes blonde, you need purple shampoo + conditioner, hair masks, dry shampoos, and monthly root retouches + toning. EVERYTHING changes, and it's not FUN.

  9. We love and admire other women so much that we sometimes we wish we had their hair.

  10. The paranoia that happens after looking at your hair brush. 

  11. We all know that sweet moment when our hair looks perfect right BEFORE we leave the house. 

  12. A cool reminder to never change your appearance because of a boy.

  13. This the real circle of life.

  14. How our hairstylists feel every time we visit the salon.

  15. Not today, frizz.


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