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15 Posts About Hair That Are 100 Percent Relatable And True

It's me. It's all of me.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/artbymoga, (RIGHT) Instagram/cassandracalin

Anyone who has hair can automatically relate to these memes. From fighting a bad hair day to deciding if you need bangs or a haircut, the posts below will make you scream, "IT ME!" over and over again.

  1. TBH, this is accurate.

  2. Bangs = existential crisis. I mean... do you really need a fringe?

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  3. We all have *that* one person in our life who makes us question our decisions.

  4. Let's talk about the sad truth of wearing a sleek ponytail.

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  5. Ugh, the pain of humidity!

  6. Achieving the equal shampoo and conditioner usage ratio will always be a myth. 

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  7. Shout out to my hair trying her best to be strong for me.

  8. When a brunette goes blonde, you need purple shampoo + conditioner, hair masks, dry shampoos, and monthly root retouches + toning. EVERYTHING changes, and it's not FUN.

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  9. We love and admire other women so much that we sometimes we wish we had their hair.

  10. The paranoia that happens after looking at your hair brush. 

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  11. We all know that sweet moment when our hair looks perfect right BEFORE we leave the house. 

  12. A cool reminder to never change your appearance because of a boy.

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  13. This the real circle of life.

  14. How our hairstylists feel every time we visit the salon.

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  15. Not today, frizz.


What men and women really need:

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