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6 Hair-Drying Mistakes That Can Damage Your Locks

Who's guilty of doing number one?
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Whatever method you use to dry your mane, you may want to check if you're doing one of these common mistakes because you could be unknowingly damaging your hair!

  1. You rub a towel over your hair.

    This motion can cause friction in your strands and lead to breakage, split ends, and buhaghag tresses.

    Solution: Instead of rubbing, twisting, and wrapping up your hair, gently blot and squeeze the strands with your towel to remove excess moisture.

  2. You use a blow dryer on the highest setting.

    Most hair dryers now come with multiple heat settings, so there's no need to use the highest (aka hottest) temperature. Doing so won't ensure your mane dries faster—it just fries your locks!

    Solution: The coldest setting is always the safest. Blasting a wave of cool breeze will lock in that ~*shine*~! If your hair dryer doesn't come with a "cool" setting, though, just use the lowest.

    And remember, don't place your blow dryer too close to your hair. Otherwise, you could end up frying your strands and scalp.

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  3. You're not using the right hair products.

    It's easy to think that shampoo and conditioner are all we'll ever need to care for our hair. But just like our skin, our strands need extra nourishment too!

    Solution: Even if you aren't using any hot tools, applying a drop of oil/serum/treatment will help them stay shiny, sleek, and frizz-free as they're being dried. But if you will use a blow dryer or any iron, make sure to spritz on a heat protectant spray, too! [Via Reader's Digest]

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  4. You're using dirty tools.

    If you can't stand to use a dirty makeup sponge on your face, then why should it be any different on your hair and scalp, right?

    Solution: Don't worry, we have the easiest hacks on how to clean hair brushes and styling tools!

  5. You're always using heat on your tresses.

    Applying heat to your hair every day is a guarantee that it will soon be damaged.

    Solution: Only use hot irons and dryers when necessary! To prolong your style, don't wash your mane daily and invest in a dry shampoo for that bagong-ligo feeling.

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  6. You sleep with wet hair.

    No, you won't have white hair come morning. But, according to Reader's Digest, by doing this you won't be able to "predict how your hair is going to look" the next day. This can also lead to breakage because your mane is at its weakest when wet.

    Solution: Switch your showering routine to the morning! If you can't, either sleep with your hair down or in a loose braid. Don't forget to apply a hair serum for extra protection.

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