Here's Another Reason Why Your Pambahay Shirts Are The Best

They can actually help cut your hair drying time in half!

Old, ratty t-shirts are the best for lounging when you’re on tita mode and just want to binge-watch Harvey Specter in Suits.

But if your mom’s totally nagging you to give your beloved, butas-butas tee the old heave-ho, here’s how you can justify keeping it: Cotton t-shirts are actually great at absorbing water.

Post-shower, you can use this to soak up excess H20 for quicker drying time. Unlike the material in your typical towel, the smoothness of your shirt will cause less breakage, less friction, and less frizz. This trick is extra awesome for curly-haired gals also, since it won’t wreck the natural shape of your waves.

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