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How To Deal With Nasty Ingrown Hair

Don't you just HATE the way it appears in the most random places?!
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No matter how carefully you wax, shave, or pluck, ingrown hairs will happen on more than one occasion. Follow these tips to make sure that they don’t appear as often.

1. Exfoliate regularly.
An ingrown hair happens when a sliced or pulled strand can’t push through the surface and curls back into the skin. Help it break through easily by getting sloughing off dead skin cells and dry patches with a loofah or body scrub.

2. Don’t skip the lotion.
Same concept as exfoliating. If you soften your skin with lotions or oils, this will also help strands push through the skin easily as it grows back.

3. Stretch your skin.
When waxing or plucking, it’s important to make sure that you pull on the area concerned to make sure that the entire strand can be yanked out from the root. Otherwise, it’ll just break and recoil into the skin.

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4. Shave with the grain.
When you glide your razor in the opposite direction of the hair growth, it allows the strands to be cut beneath the skin and grow into the skin. It may not be the smooth, close shave you wanted, but at least you can prevent getting those nasty bumps. 

5. Don’t pick!
Instead, swipe a toner or astringent that’s spiked with salicylic acid twice a day. This will help dry up the infected area within the week.

6. Have it extracted.
Asking a pro to do remove the coiled strand is better than attacking it with your tweezers. It may be dyahe, but if your ingrown is looking inflamed or getting painful, heading to your derma to have it removed will also lessen the chances of infection and scarring.

7. Try laser hair removal.
It’s pricey, but the investment is worth it—especially if you have coarse hair. Then, you can wear shorts and bikini bottoms without having to worry about de-fuzzing ever again—or at least, until you’re in need of a booster session!

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