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The Lazy Girl's Guide To Styling Wet Hair

No time to dry your hair in the morning? We have a couple of styling suggestions.

It's a beauty boo-boo to come to work with dripping wet hair.

But we do understand that not everyone is #blessed with the time to style hair so early in the day. Truth is, we'd rather spend 30 minutes of our time rolling in bed—hitting the snooze button occasionally—instead of getting up earlier than usual to fix our tresses. Because really, who has time for that? 

So to help you cut your styling time, we have a couple of suggestions for managing your wild, wild, wet hair.

1. Go for a low bun.

Damp tresses are totally easier to style than dry hair. Using your fingers to gather your hair into a low ponytail, twist it around to form a bun, and use bobby pins to secure everything in place. Spray your hair with a curl booster to set it. Once you get to the office, remove the pins and let your big, wavy curls loose. 

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2. Or a sock bun

The lazy girl's ULTIMATE solution for keeping hair away from the face. In case you missed our super easy tutorial, check out this video now!

3. Braid it.

Part your hair into two sections, and braid each side—securing each part with an elastic band. This works best if you use mousse prior to braiding it (you can spray your braids with curl booster after styling, too). Remove the elastic bands after your morning commute, and you'll end up with sexy beach waves.

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4. But if you think a boring braid just won't cut it...

You can try something different, like a fishtail braid.  You can even style it in three ways!

5. If all else fails...

Ditch your shampoo and conditioner combo in the A.M., and apply dry shampoo in between meetings to help lessen the oil buildup on your roots. Trust us, there is nothing sexier than bed hair.

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