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FYI, Scalp Care Routines Are Now A Thing

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Because we're always focused on using products to make the hair shiny and manageable, we forget to get to the *root* (pun intended) of our hair issues. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce you to the world of scalp care. The scalp is where the hair grows, so it's only obvious that for us to have healthy locks, we must pay extra attention to the source. Using scalp-targeted products will help boost hair growth and shine, and it will make your current hair care lineup (which majorly focuses on the strands) work better, too.

Let us teach you a basic scalp care routine you can follow for healthy, shiny locks:

  1. Cleanse your hair frequently. 

    A dirty scalp results in dull, greasy strands so it's vital to shampoo your locks after a long, sweaty day. If you're preserving your bottle-blonde locks and washing your hair daily isn't an option, limit your usage of dry shampoo to every other day only. Anything more than that may clog the scalp. What you can do to keep the dye vivid is to wash with a sulfate-free shampoo for a thorough cleanse without drying out the strands.

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  2. Remove product and sebum buildup on the scalp.

    Like what we mentioned earlier, the scalp gets clogged with product and oil buildup. Dislodge the residue by using any of the following products:

    - Rinsing vinegar - A product applied on the hair during the final rinse. This can be used daily.

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    - Scalp scrub - ICYDK, a weekly scalp detox will give you healthy, shiny locks because it frees the scalp of product and sebum residue.

    - Clarifying shampoo - A shampoo that's designed to remove product residue and sebum buildup on the scalp. Its formula tends to dry out the strands, so limit its use to once a month.

  3. Massage the scalp.

    Make it a habit to massage your scalp every day—plus points if you use a scalp massager. According to this study, participants got thicker hair after gently rubbing the scalp daily. This motion stimulates the human dermal papilla cells, which accelerated hair growth.

    DIY Scalp Massage For Hair Growth

  4. Don't be afraid to moisturize the scalp.

    A hydrating shampoo won't weigh down your locks. Instead, it can soothe an itchy, dry scalp—aka you'll lose the flakes!

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