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How To Refill Your Shampoo + Conditioner Bottles At Unilever's All Things Hair Refillery

The refilling stations will be available from March 23 to April 14.
PHOTO: All Things Hair Philippines

You've heard the buzz, and you want in: How exactly do you refill your used Dove, TRESemmé, Cream Silk, and Sunsilk bottles at Unilever's All Things Hair RefilleryHere's ~*everything*~ you need to know to take a tiny and totally doable step towards being more eco-conscious.

The refilling stations are located in three malls.

The All Things Hair Refillery station, Unilever Philippines’ first-ever refilling station, will be in Trinoma, Glorietta 3, and Alabang Town Center from March 23- April 14, 2019. All Things Hair Philippines
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According to, you can visit a Refillery at the following malls:

  1. Trinoma: Level 2 Mezzanine near Nike and Melissa Pop-up Store
  2. Glorietta: Ground Floor Lower Level near Lacoste
  3. Alabang Town Center: Ground Floor near Etude House and Metro Department Store

The Refillery will have the following shampoo and conditioner brands available:


  1. Dove Straight & Silky Shampoo
  2. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo
  3. Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo


  1. Dove Straight & Silky Conditioner
  2. TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner
  3. Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner

Dove, TRESemmé, and Sunsilk will be available at All Things Hair Refillery. All Things Hair Philippines
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Clean your old, empty bottles before bringing them to the Refillery. Take note: They need to be the same brand and variant as the one you're refilling them with!

The containers need to be the same variant to prevent any possible issues that may arise when the old and new formulas get mixed. Make sure you bring a clean, empty bottle that you pre-rinsed prior to refilling. Alternatively, you may buy a 100 percent recyclable bottle from the stations for only P10. This can be reused the next time you refill as well!

Make sure you pre-rinse the empty bottles you bring to the Refillery! All things Hair Philippines
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The final price will be based on weight after refilling.

Bringing your own bottle of the same variant will mean that you pay just for the weight indicated. Again, you have an option to buy a P10 recyclable bottle as well.

Here's a breakdown of prices:

Brand and Variant

Price per gram (in peso)

Cream Silk Standout Straight Conditioner


Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Shampoo


Dove Straight and Silky Shampoo


Dove Straight and Silky Conditioner


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo


TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner


These 100% recyclable bottles can be bought at the Refillery for P10. All Things Hair Philippines
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The final price of each bottle depends on its weight.  All Things Hair Philippines 

You can also bring old plastic bottles and sachets that you want to dispose of (no limitations on the brands or variants)! 

Drop them off at the Refillery and Unilever Philippines will take care of upcycling them with their partners, Linis Ganda Recycling Network and Villar SIPAG Foundation. P.S. Just make sure they're clean and dry!

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You have until April 14 to avail of this service.

Unilever's All Things Hair Refillery will be available from Saturday, March 23, to Sunday, April 14.

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