There's Really Not Much Women Wouldn't Give Up To Have Less Body Hair

We also hate shaving, and our society is broken!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

A Nair study of 1,000 millennials found almost 50 percent of women would give up coffee, Netflix, sex, or social media to not have any body hair for an entire year. More than half are self-conscious about how body hair looks.

Body hair-related resentment spanned millennials of all ages and races—not only were they bothered by how it looked and made them feel, but more than half of women also believed the shaving they felt they had to do was too time-consuming or it irritated their skin.

The insecurity aspect should not be dismissed though: 57 percent of younger millennials and 44 percent of older millennials reported feeling less confident by the presence of unwanted body hair alone.

Consider this your friendly reminder that anyone who makes you feel like your body hair is a reason to feel gross can get fuuucked.

Find the study results in full here.

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