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The Easiest Ways To Avoid Scalp Burn

It happens.

You’re a certified Cosmo girl, so by now, we know you’re religiously applying your SPF—especially when you hit the beach. But guess what? There might be one spot you're forgetting: your scalp! This sensitive spot is the first thing that the harsh rays will hit, so make sure you help keep it protected from sunburn with these tricks:

1. Apply scalp-screen.
Yes, it exists. There are sunscreen sprays that are designed to help keep your scalp (and strands) safe from the burning rays of sun. The catch: It can get oily and you don’t want to disrupt the balance on your scalp, so just spritz some into your palms and massage it over your scalp with your fingertips. Try Beach Hut Hair and Scalp SPF20, P349.

2. Avoid direct heat.

C’mon, there’s no harm in sitting in the shade or under a beach umbrella for a few minutes—especially when it’s mid-day. That’s when the sun is at its strongest and can do the most damage.

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3. Ditch the part.
Your hair is actually a great way to protect your scalp from sunburn. The trick: Rock a slicked back style. When your hair doesn’t have a part, it leaves your entire scalp more protected since your strands can cover it up more. 

4. Wear a hat.
It’s an obvious way to keep your scalp sunburn-free, but you’ll be surprised how many people forget to do this beauty move. P.S. Don’t limit yourself to a hat when you’re packing for your getaway—you can use a scarf or bandana, too!

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