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The Hair Product You Didn't Know You Needed

And it will change your life…forever.

As fabulous as second—and third—day hair is, there’s no point in denying that after a few days of not shampooing our locks, it begins to stink. Sweat, hormones, and product buildup are just some of the factors that contribute to smelly hair.

But we found a magical product that will help fix this without having to use shampoo. Ladies, say hello to your new hair staple: Human Nature Conditioning Hair Mist.


Human Nature Conditioning Hair Mist, P249.75/100mL, available at all Human Nature branches nationwide

Celebrity hairstylist Raymond Santiago says that hair mists are one of the most important products that you should have in your beauty arsenal. Aside from masking the amoy anit smell of unwashed hair, hair mists can also help fix the annoying problem of your mane smelling like food whenever you eat at a restaurant (Korean BBQ, amiright?!), or smoke after a long commute. YASSS.

Human Nature’s hair mist has a tropical-floral scent that the hair absorbs easily. It’s infused with jojoba that conditions your hair, making it look instantly shinier. The water-based product is 100% chemical-free, so it won't weigh your hair down or cause long-term damage.

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