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This Is What Ariana Grande's Real Hair Looks Like


Mystery solved!

That’s right. Your favorite pint-sized diva is actually a naturally curly-haired brunette. 

Ari debuted her natural hair on Instagram writing, “Peekaboo healthy curls. long time no see.”

So what was up with the crazy tight ponytails and updos?

In January last year, Ariana explained that her natural hair got severely damaged while she was doing the now defunct Nickelodeon show Sam and Cat. In that show, the singer sported bright red hair that she “had to bleach every other week” for four years. Of course, the process took a toll on her tresses. She then turned to wearing wigs and extensions to let her hair heal.

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We’re crossing our fingers she lets this hairstyle stick around a little longer, because she looks amazing!

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