Vivoree Esclito's Braids Can Be Your Chic Halloween Look

You'll want to cop this soft and sweet look for sure!
PHOTO: Instagram/hairbymycke

When Vivoree Esclito stepped out in a two-tone, white streaked braided hairstyle, we immediately thought of Cruella de Vil, the villaness from the Disney animated film 101 Dalmatians. We never thought Cruella's signature white-streaked bob could look this soft and sweet 'til now.

Whether she was going for the aforementioned spot-obsessed (literal) fashion killer or even Marvel's Rogue, it's a cool idea anyone can cop—Halloween, after all, is right around the corner. Braids have a lot more depth with a bit of highlight in your locks! Got a new cut and color you want to flaunt? Simply take the section of hair framing one side of your face and plait. It's great for keeping your tresses in place and guarantees you a fresh, youthful twist on the usual waves. Proof that you can be the good girl and still wear an evil-inspired look. 

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