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WATCH: How This Girl Trims Her Bangs Is Pretty Amazing

But should you try it?


Bangs can be pretty high-maintenance, especially if you don’t have the time and patience to frequent salons or use hot tools to make sure they always looks good. Because let’s face it, once bangs grow, most of us would just rather clip ‘em back rather than risk trimming our fringes ourselves.

That is, until this viral Instagram video went viral:

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Beauty blogger Camila Bravo posted the short clip on her Instagram, where she showed how twisting and then chopping your bangs could lead to beautiful, layered fringes. The Internet naturally freaked out because it looks so doable.

Of course, we had to ask a pro for input about this amazing hair hack. Hairstylist Elaine Ganuelas of L’Oreal Professionnel explains, “If you’re not confident about this, leave it to the pros. Remember, nasa huli ang pagsisisi.” She also added that trimming your bangs shouldn't be done on a whim, because it's so easy to screw up. “You can’t really fix or troubleshoot your bangs easily if you mess it up,” she said.

CGs, #ListenToThePros! 
Our suggestion? Book an appointment to the salon to get your bangs fixed, stat. But if you’re a brave soul who’s willing to risk it, just be SUPERRR careful, because it’s going to take a while before your hair grows back.

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