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Your Flat Iron Is Destroying Your Dye Job

Let this be a reminder!

YouTube/Guy Tang

If you have colored hair, you’ve probably been told to take it easy with your hot tools, because the high heat can damage and fade your mane’s hue. Well, in case you STILL don’t follow that rule, check out this short video posted by West Hollywood-based hairstylist Guy Tang showing you what high heat does to your hair:

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So scary, right?

On his YouTube page, Guy posted a much longer video, explaining the type of damage high temperatures can do to color-treated hair. He also explained that women who don’t color their mane still face the same danger, because too much heat can actually fade your natural color. Watch and educate yourself:

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Lesson learned? Take it easy on the hot tools and hot baths. The last thing you want is to have faded and ultra-dry hair. Your expensive treatments will be put to waste if you don’t follow these basic rules.

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