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Watch This Hairstylist Cut Hair With Fire And Swords

Edward Scissorhands much?

As if getting a regular haircut isn't nerve-racking enough, a hairstylist has taken it to the extremes by using swords and fire. We're not making this up!

A bizarre video starring Spanish hairdresser Alberto Olmedo made rounds on social media recently, showing how he cut and styled his client's manes using a method that even he says is "a bit medieval" as he is "practically using primitive tools."

Instead of using shears and hot tools to give people their desired looks, Alberto turns to swords, fire, and things that look like Wolverine's claws. He says that with his method, he's able to give clients the hairstyles that are even because he cuts both sides of the hair simultaneously.


Let's be honest that his methods are quite terrifying, given that SO MANY THINGS could go wrong as he's styling your locks. Kudos to the brave women who let Alberto cut their mane—they look fabulous!

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P.S. We think Edward Scissorhands would be pleased!

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