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5 Unexpected Ways To Dry Your Hair Faster

Never use a towel again.
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Who really has the time to blow dry their hair for an hour every single day? And if you have thicker, coarser locks, you might even need two. If your regular wash-and-blow dry technique isn't cutting it for you anymore, here are five weird ways you can dry your hair faster so you can get out the door quicker!

1. Absorb excess water with a t-shirt

Forget about using your towel as a hair turban and use a white cotton t-shirt instead. They're more absorbent and soft so they won't cause any friction when drinking up all your strands' excess water, according to Michelle Phan, preventing your hair from becoming buhaghag.

2. Keep paper towels on hand

If you don't have a white tee to spare for your hair-drying needs and you still find that your hair is wet, turn off the dryer, get a few paper towels from your kitchen, and squeeze. Its material is just as soft and absorbent as a cotton t-shirt, and you'll be amazed at how much water you'll be able to wring out!

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3. Turn off the AC

Our hot weather can actually help your tresses dry quicker, so why not turn off the air conditioner and use the heat as much as you can before the rainy months come in? When it's the peak of summer, you won't even need to use a hair dryer anymore, which your hair will looooove.

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4. Use a low heat setting

It may seem counterproductive to lower your blow dryer's heat setting when you want to shorten your drying time, but using a high heat setting might fry your hair, which is a problem you wouldn't want. So just be patient, and DON'T. TURN. UP. THE. HEAT.

5. Boar bristles are the way to go

Who knew your brush of choice could contribute to how slow or quick your locks dry? But it's true; for the quickest drying time, according to The Huffington Post, a boar-bristled brush is the best to help evenly distribute the products you're using and leave your hair soft and bouncy.

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