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10 Beauty Things To Break Up With Before The Year Ends

Like that cracked powder blush!

As the year draws to an end, we present you a list of beauty things—habits, products, and other kikay stuff in between—that you should definitely break up with before 2015 ends:

1. Cracked powders. They’re messy and responsible for the dusty mess in your kikay kit. There are a ton of tutorials online on how you can still save cracked powders—most of which require alcohol to liquefy and bind the pieces together—but you’re far better off getting yourself new powders instead.

2. Foundation that has separated. If you can clearly see that the contents of your foundation bottle have separated, then that’s your cue to throw it out and make sure it never touches your skin again. Either that foundation is really expired or it was exposed to too much heat. That’s a product you want nowhere near your face.  

3. Expired makeup in general. Look at all the makeup that you have and see if anything is beyond their due date by watching this video. If they are, toss them out, stat. (Or fine, if you’re a little sentimental, bury them in the depths of your makeup drawers or some place you’re sure you won’t ever be tempted to use them again.) Using expired makeup is the easiest way to give your skin nasty issues that might even require a trip to the derma—so don’t do it.

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4. Unwashed brushes. Makeup brushes were made to last you a lifetime. But of course, the only way that will happen is if you take care of them properly. Regularly washing and sanitizing your makeup brushes will not only preserve them, but they will also keep your skin from breaking out and getting irritated. Get into the habit of washing your brushes at least once a week to keep them bacteria-free and your skin flawless. (Here’s a video in case you still don’t know how to wash your brushes.)

5. Living without sunscreen. Save yourself from severe skin issues—including skin cancer—by making it a point to layer on sunscreen before you leave the house every day.

6. Not removing your makeup before you sleep. You’ve been warned of the dangers of doing this habit. Remember, makeup can only do so much for the skin. It’s exponentially better to invest in good skincare habits like wiping off your makeup every night.

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7. Products that you don’t remember using recently. A good way to do this is by sitting in front of your vanity and looking at all the products in front of you. Look at each product and think of the last time you used them. If you don’t remember, toss them out.  (Like really, when was the last time you used that ~*hydrating hair masque*~?) 

8. Being clueless about your skin type. The first step to skincare is knowing your exact skin type. That way, you can create a routine with products that will work for you. If you still don’t know your skin type, check this out.

9. The fear of trying out loud lipstick colors. Makeup “rules” were made to serve as basic guidelines. Take them as they are, but don’t be afraid to go outside of the box and do you. If you want to wear deep dark red lips, go ahead.

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10. Thinking that wearing makeup is the only way to feel confident. Makeup was made to enhance your features and okay, hide our little skin secrets from the world. But know that it shouldn’t be your sole source of confidence. Confidence comes from you and your go-getter attitude. So go out and be YOU! But if swiping on a bold lip and drawing on a cat eye helps, we say go do it. ;)

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