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12 Beauty Things To Keep In Your Car

Best to be prepared!

We’ve schooled on the ~*basic*~ beauty things you should keep on your work desk and in your kikay kit, so now, let’s talk about the 11 kikay things you should stash in your car.

1. Makeup wipes. Running to the gym after work? Aside from melting your waterproof mascara, makeup wipes are also super useful to freshen up your face—and hands—for days when it just gets too humid.

2. A hand cream. If you’re prone to getting dry hands, this is absolutely essential. We recommend using one that has SPF to protect your hands from developing sun spots from frequent sun exposure.

3. Facial mist. Use a refreshing facial mist to perk up your skin after walking under the sun.

4. A compact mirror. While adjusting your rear view mirror seems to be the most convenient option, it isn’t exactly the safest. Bring a small compact mirror and whip it out in times of need.

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5. Perfume. This one’s a no-brainer—it’s super convenient to have one within your reach while you make your way to places to meet people. Best to smell floral fresh than car-freshener-not-so-chic.

6. Tissue. Having tissue in your car can save you during so many emergencies. 

7. Concealer. Have a back-up concealer in your car for makeup boo-boos you may unknowingly commit! In the morning, the natural light outside will help you spot makeup mistakes easily, so it’s best to be prepared.

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8. Lip balm. Everyone knows that having lip balm readily available is the best thing ever! Swipe it on for your parched puckers, tame your unruly brows, and moisturize your dehydrated cuticles—it’s one of the best and cheapest beauty multitaskers out there.

9. Two lipsticks. We recommend stashing two lipsticks—preferably liquid ones so they don’t melt—in your car makeup kit. Select a neutral one that will work with everything and another look-at-me shade to easily transform your looks from day to night.

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10. Pressed powder. Even if you’re more of a loose powder girl, having pressed powder in your car makes touch-ups a breeze. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about powder getting all over the seat!

11. Hair ties and hair combs. When it's time to get down to business, put your hair up in a messy bun!

12. An overnight bag with an extra set of clothes. Keep a small bag with an extra outfit in your trunk for emergencies! Toiletries are readily available in convenient stores, but clothes aren’t. So pack smart, and don’t forget to pack extra underwear. We also recommend bringing a pair of flip-flops or flats just in case you get your feet soaked in the rain or your heels decide to be a bitch and break on you in the middle of a night out. 

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