19 Beauty Terms We Learned In 2015

From glitter roots to huns, gringes and bubble nails...

2015 has been FULL of bold, brave and beautiful beauty trends that have expanded our beauty vocab too.

These new terms can be attributed to trending Instagram hashtags, as well as inspiration we've taken from the catwalk, beauty experts and celebrity trends. Which ones do you recognize?


Pancaking is an actual hairstyling technique used to make your once neat, tight and well-structured braid a little more textured, messy and flat. 

This method can be used when creating any braid as long as you remember to start by creating a neat and tight braid, then slowly pull at pieces towards the edges to add texture.

Never heard of pancaking? Find out how to do a "pancaked" dutch braid here


Aka known as"grown out fringes" a la Alexa Chung's! Gringes are low-maintenance, softly frame one's face, and serve as an emergency cover-up for unruly eyebrow days! Get gringe inspo here.

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You've probably heard of contouring and strobing this year, but what about "baking" or "cooking?"

No? Well, "baking" is a makeup technique that leaves you with bright under eyes and  a flawless finish that is longer-lasting than your normal non-bake technique.

You can find out how to bake your makeup here.

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4. Huns

If 2014 was the year of the topknot, 2015 was the year of the hun. A hun is a half-bun and the coolest way to wear your hair half-up whether with a sleek or messy texture. Here's our guide to wearing the hun two ways. 


Thank the queen of contoured lips for this one: Kylie Jenner, obviously. 

While she may have (finally) admitted to getting lip fillers, Kylie's lip liner over lipstick "overlining"  technique helps create the illusion of fuller looking lips. The world is OBSESSED! 

See how Kylie does it here.


Forget Kimye and Brangelina, our new favorite supercouple or in this case super-haircut hybrid name is the "lob" ie. a long bob. Stars such as Khloe Kardashian, Rachel McAdams and  Jessica Alba have gone for this beautiful chop during 2015, so, ermmm why haven't you?! Once you have, take a look at how to style your lob here.

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7.Clown Contouring

Do we even need to explain this one? If you really wanna know, read our in-depth analysis on the technique. But we think the photo says it all. Contouring, everywhere. 

8.Glitter Roots

This makes us feel like a million unicorn emojis. Check out our favorite glitter root hairstyles here.

9.Negative space

Gone are the days when "nail art" meant begging your mom to let you have your nails done during HER appointment and only having a cherry painted on top of a pretty average polish. 2015 "nail art" includes 3D jewels atop extra long stiletto shaped nail extensions or the even stranger bubble effect nail. 

But our favorite of the year has to be the "negative space" trend which doesn't need a base coat and allows you to paint certain sections of your nails in some cool geometric shapes and patterns. Bonus: you don't even have to be that good to do it. YEY!

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In the later part of 2015 we all realized that strobing is the new contouring which focuses on highlighting and adding luminosity to the areas of your face where light naturally hits (instead of trying to skillfully create chiseled cheekbones with just the right amount of bronzer).


Ever been in the tragic situation where you're trying to decide whether you want to dye your hair blonde OR brown, well we think the origins of the term "bronde" came about JUST to solve this first world problem and we're so happy about it! 

12.Hair Plopping

"Plopping" is the American tress trend for creating defined curls with just a towel, i.e. no heat styling! It sounds strange, but apparently it works! Find out more here. 


Forget ombre, dip-dye and average highlighting—balayage is staying and this balayage inspo gallery will give you some SERIOUS hair envy, look at your own risk.

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Anyway, balayage is a highlighting technique that looks so much more natural and that's because it comes from the French word "sweep" where hairdressers paint freehand which gives clients a softer look. 

14. Cut Crease

The "Cut Crease" is a technique in which the eyelid crease is "cut" sharply with a contrasting eye shadow colour to give it that really dramatic defined crease.

However—if you struggle to apply liquid eyeliner stay away from this one as it's definitely on the "pro" end of the makeup application spectrum. 

15. Sunset Ombre

We've had Cherry, Galaxy and Macaroon ombre hair but the sunset hair trend is without a doubt one of the most beautiful of them all. Take a look at our favorites here

16.Fluid Hair

"Fluid Hair" is painted freehand into strands of hair on a flat surface which allows the hairdresser to see how the color "melts from top to bottom."

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17. Pointillism

This rather strange makeup technique was created by makeup artist Kat Von D using the pointillism painting technique which uses tiny colored dots to create a large picture.

The main difference here is that Kat Von D uses pointillism as a makeup application technique and the result is pretty cool! Check out the video here


This is one for the girls with naturally curly hair. Pineappling helps revive day-old curls by tying your hair in a high ponytail before going to bed, but some girls love pineappling so much it's become a everyday go-to hairstyle too! 

19.Brony Hair

Brony hair is basically multicoloured, rainbow hair that will make you feel like a My Little Pony character. Who doesn't love the idea of taking part in that trend?!

This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. 

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