6 Ways You Can Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

For when you want to make pa-cute.

1. Don't forget your lower lashes.

Sure, you're a pro at curling your upper lashes and applying mascara, but many girls forget to coat the lower lashes, too. We know they're too tiny to notice, but at least one swipe on your bottom lashes can mean the difference between wide awake and sad eyes. Stick to a waterproof, clump-free mascara which will minimize spider lashes—unless that's the look you're going for.

2. Don't use black eyeliner alone. 

"To make your peepers pop, you need to extend the whites of your eyes," says MAC's senior makeup artist Caitlin Callahan. "So use a peach or an ivory-colored liner on your [bottom] waterline, and then apply black liner [on your top lashline]," she suggests.

3. It's all about dimension.

Here's a technique we learned from our friends at MAC: Use deeper, darker shadows on your eye's inner and outer corners—and finish off with a lighter shadow in the middle of your lids. And then blend, blend, blend, so you don't look too alien-y.

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4. Mascara is your best friend.

The heavier the pigment of your mascara, the better. "Dark mascara can make your eyes look really big, because it extends [and opens them up]," says Caitlin.

5. But if you're looking to try something different...

Go for colored mascaralike a navy onewhich will make the whites of your eyes super pop.  

6. Tidy up.

"Untidy brows can make eyes appear smaller," explains Caitlin. So brush your brows upwards, before you fill them in using pencil liner or powder."

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