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Amazing Beauty Things You Can Do With A Toothbrush

You can use it on your brows!

Nail Brush

Use a toothbrush to prep your nails before you give yourself a DIY mani to get rid of dirt and dead skin cells. For best results, use a cuticle oil before you brush.

Lip Exfoliator

Dry lips? No problem! Buff your lips by gently rubbing your toothbrush onto them in small circular motions. Once you get rid of all the dead and dry skin on your lips, you’re ready to wear your favorite bright lippies again.

Hair Teaser

Hate flat hair? Your toothbrush can fix that for you. There’s no need to invest in an overpriced teasing comb if you have a clean toothbrush in your bathroom drawer. Use your toothbrush to back-comb your hair for added volume around your crown area.

If you’re not a fan of teased hair, you can also use the toothbrush to smooth out fly away hair for sleek and sexy hairstyles.

Brow Tamer

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Don’t own a spoolie brush? Use a clean toothbrush instead. Run the toothbrush across your arches to blend in your brow powder. To keep them in place, spritz a bit of hairspray onto the toothbrush before using it on your brows.

Beauty Tools Cleaner

Get rid of hair and dirt stuck in your hair brushes and blow dryer by using your toothbrush to clean them. Quick, easy, and cheap!

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Jewelry Cleaner

Squeeze out a bit of white toothpaste onto a container. Take your toothbrush and load it up with a bit of toothpaste. Lay your jewelry flat onto a towel and start rubbing it in small circular motions. Your jewelry will look like it’s brand new! No need for expensive cleaners and tools.

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