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Amazing Beauty Things You Can Do With Petroleum Jelly

The best kikay invention in the world!

1. It's a great perfume base.
Before you spritz on your favorite scent, dab a bit of petroleum jelly onto your pulse points. This will make your perfume last all day long.

2. It can remove makeup stains on clothes.
Got a stain on your shirt? Rub petroleum jelly with a damp cloth on the stained area. It also works for your sheets and pillows.

3. It gives you the perfect manicure.
The next time you do your nails at home, apply petroleum jelly on your cuticles to keep nail polish off the skin around your nails.

4. It removes gum.
Nothing’s as annoying as having gum stuck on your shoe and clothes. But yup, petroleum jelly can fix that, too.

5. It moisturizes the skin.
Embarrassed by your dry and cracking elbows? Lather on some petroleum jelly on your dry skin before you hit the sheets. You’ll wake up with soft and moisturized skin. You can also do this trick for dry and cracked heels.


6. It repairs broken makeup.
Make instant multitaskers! Mix a bit of petroleum jelly with your loose pigments or powder cosmetics and make your own cream blush or eyeshadow.

7. It can remove your makeup.
If you can’t get rid of waterproof mascara or eyeliner, use a bit of petroleum jelly instead. Your makeup will be gone instantly.

8. It helps earrings go through your earlobes easily.
If you don’t wear earrings often, your piercing will close up sooner or later. So if you can’t put your studs back in after a long time, put petroleum jelly on the piercing and around the area. You will be able to put in your studs easily. 

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