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Beauty Quickie: How To Avoid Getting Lipstick On Your Teeth

We are going to make your life easier, one beauty hack at a time.

It happens to the best of us: You're at a big, important meeting with Really Cute Guy. You charm him with your talent, quick wit, sense of humor—and you think you've impressed him. When the meeting ends, you head to the bathroom, check your makeup, and panic, "OMG HAS THERE BEEN LIPSTICK ON MY TEETH THIS WHOLE TIME?"

While we cannot turn back time (On a side note, you should always check your makeup before heading to a meeting with a Really Cute Guy!), we can help you avoid that embarrassing moment once and for all. 

After applying your lipstick, stick your index finger horizontally inside your mouth, and pop it out. We know it sounds gross, but your finger will collect all the excess pigment which might get on your teeth.

Just, you know, do it in private?

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