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The Beauty Timeline Every Cosmo Bride Should Know

Everything you need to do to be extra radiant on your wedding day.
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Aside from organizing the wedding itself, you should have a gameplan for looking radiant months before you walk down the aisle. You can't just rely on makeup, and there are some things you can't risk doing weeks before a wedding (case in point: a hair color makeover). We know that pampering yourself during this busy time is close to impossible, so that's why we came up with a schedule that will serve as your guide.

8 months before

- Schedule a trip to the derma to troubleshoot your current complexion issues. Also, you should start being consistent with your skincare regimen. Makeup can only do so much.

- Take vitamins and supplements to score a lit-from-within glow

- Start exercising to naturally detox the body and get svelte for the big day.

- Consult a nutritionist if you want to shed a few pounds. Alternatively, you can simply switch to clean eats: whole grains, lean meat, more veggies and fruits. 

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6 months before

- If you want to change or color your hair, this is the best time because you still have enough time to fix and adjust mistakes.

- You should have a bridal beauty peg by now so that you’ll know which hair and makeup artist to book. Take a look at their portfolio to see if their style matches your aesthetic. Schedule a trial form your shortlisted choices and book the one you like most.

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- Do you think your brows need rehabilitation? This is the time to grow them out. Have them reshaped two months before the wedding day.

2 months before

- Have a professional groom your brows. Maintain this shape until the big day.

1 month before

- Get yourself a gentle facial to get rid of dullness and inflammation.

- Ask your stylist for a trim or have your roots retouched.

1-2 weeks before

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- Get a gel manicure and pedicure so you won't worry about chipping.

- Schedule a wax around this time to leave time for the redness to disappear. 

- Succumb to a massage for relaxation.

A day before

- Drink lots of water and get enough sleep!

- Wear a sheet mask or slap on a sleeping pack for that ~*extra*~ glow and softness in the morning.

You may print this checklist that you can tick off:

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