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5 Reasons You Should Be Hoarding Disposable Mascara Wands

There's nothing they can't do.
PHOTO: Jeffrey Westbrook

True Life: I hoard disposable mascara wands. It's not the most honorable thing, but they're so useful to have around, I can't help myself. If you ever go to a makeup counter, here's why you need to take a handful: 

1. Brow Sprucing

A fresh spoolie is the perfect tool for grooming brows and blending/brushing through product. You can also spray the wand with hair spray to style your arches as you would with a brow, wax, or pomade.

2. Lip Exfoliating

Dry lips just aren't a pretty sight. Apply an oil or balm to your pout, then use the spoolie to scrub in circular motions, buffing away dead skin for a smooth, flake-free pout.

3. Mascara Application, Touch-Ups, and Reset

You can lengthen, add volume, curl, and define with a squeaky clean brush every time, which is more hygienic, makes the formula go on smoother, and results in less clumps. A clean spoolie is also great for tweaking mascara and getting rid of hard-to-reach clumps. Lastly, you can reset dried-out mascara by squeezing a few eye drops into the tube and using the wand to mix it up for silky, like-new texture.

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4. Smoothing Nails and Removing Cuticles

Yes, even your nails can get the mascara wand treatment. Run the spoolie over the nail beds to lightly exfoliate before a polish application. Then, clean up the cuticle area by applying removal gel and using it to whisk away the excess.

5. Taming Flyaways

Mascara wands pick up everything, which makes them perfect for tempering pesky broken hair strands. Spray hairspray on the spoolie to brush flyaways back into place.

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