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DIY Nail Art: Blood Stains and Crosses

We're ditching our pretty manicures and going for morbid blood stains and crosses on our digits. Are you brave enough to try this nail art for Halloween?

Bloody hell! Can't get enough of our Halloween-inspired nail art? We have one more this week to help you prepare for the scariest holiday ever! You'll only need two colors:

1. Gray, black, or any dark-colored nail polish

2. Red nail polish

First, paint your nails a deep shade of red as your base color (the bloodier it is, the better). Then, using a nail dotting tool (you can use a toothpick or a hair pin, too!), draw a cross on each nail, but skip the middle finger.


Using the same tool, draw a blood stain outline on your middle finger's nail, and carefully fill in the space with red nail polish. Bloody tips in an instant!


Nail Art Design and Hand Model: Paula Pangan
Styling: Sandra Pineda

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