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I Tried Eyelid Tape To See If It Really Works

Will it make the eyes appear larger than life?
PHOTO: Courtesy of Tasha Faustino

Many Asian women have monolids or hooded eyelids. This led to the invention of a cool beauty tool in Japan: The eyelid tape, a tiny clear sticker that temporarily creates a double eyelid and fakes wide-awake eyes. 

But does it really work? Or is it just another gimmicky product? To find out, we asked one CG to try it!


Name: Tasha

Age: 25

Occupation: Publishing Assistant


I've never tried eyelid tape before, so it felt weird during the first few minutes. When I already got used to it, it didn't feel heavy or like an object was preventing my eyes from blinking. I was just amazed at how my eyes looked bigger, and I saw that I had creases on my lids! 

However, I had a hard time re-adjusting the eyelid tape for a comfortable fit. I skipped using it on the days that I was running late.

Tip: Tap the image below for before and after photos!


I love how this lightweight product gave me brighter-looking eyes. It made me look more awake, and it evened out the folds of my lids. Plus, it looked so natural. But tbh, I would only wear this on ~special occasions~. I'll use it when I want my eyeshadow to really *pop*, and I'll probably put on falsies, too!

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The Double Folded Eyelid Tape is available at all Daiso branches for P88.

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