Here's The ~Crazy~ Way To Hide Your Dark Circles

Worth a shot, we think!

There are a dozen hacks you can try to hide those annoying under-eye circles you get when you've stayed up too late. You can use red lipstick under concealer, you can try dabbing on loose powder, or give an eye cream with caffeine a chance. But if all else fails, there's a bold beauty trend that's making the rounds that will def cover all your dark circles, and all you need is a little glitter. 

You can get the look with any glitter (gold is so pretty) and gel. Do not use craft glue on your face! Shop a product specifically for your skin, like MAC Mixing Medium Eyeliner. Mix the glitter and the gel, and dab it under your eyes with your finger. You don't have to be too careful—the look is supposed to be a bit messy. Bye, dark circles! 

When you remove it at the end of the day, be careful not to get glitter in your eyes. With makeup remover on a tissue or cotton ball, wipe away from your face toward your hairline. Try to avoid rubbing your eyes at all while wearing this look. 

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Pro tip: Tell everyone you're actually crying glitter.

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