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What's The Best Way To Clean Your Beautyblender?

PHOTO: Jeff Westbrook/Studio D, Pixabay

Ever since the Beautyblender was introduced to the beauty industry in the early 2000s, makeup application has never been the same. The soft egg-shaped sponge has been the go-to tool of pros and beauty lovers to create flawless finishes on their faces and bodies. (If you haven’t tried it, just go ahead and get yourself one—it will change the way you do your makeup FOREVER.)

If there’s one thing we hate about the Beautyblender, however, it would definitely be cleaning it. The brand does offer its own line of liquid and solid cleansers specially made for the sponges, but because they’re pretty expensive, people have found substitutes. Some of the most popular cleansers include baby shampoo, dishwashing soap, and body soap.

Buzzfeed decided to put some of these cleansers to the test, and compare the results. Watch the video below:

But do you know what a lot of Filipino makeup artists actually use? Anti-bacterial dishwashing soap! It can get rid of product residue and dirt easily—plus, it’s super inexpensive.


How do you clean your Beautyblender, CGs?

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