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How Do You Take Off Your Makeup?

What do you remove first?

Q: “Hi Cosmo! I’ve always wondered—is there a specific order you should follow when you take off your makeup at night?”

A: The quick answer is no. There is no “correct” order of removing your makeup, as far as we know. However, here’s the practical and logical sequence that we suggest you take:

Start with the lips. Get rid of your lipstick first before anything else, no matter what color it is. This will save you from the hassle of having to deal with it smearing all over your face.

Move on to your eyes. Most women take the longest when taking off their eye makeup, and rightfully so. Your eye area is very delicate, and you want to get rid of as much product as you can. When dealing with stubborn waterproof eye makeup, press your makeup remover-soaked pad gently on your eye. Let the oils from the product break down the makeup. After a minute or two, lift your pad and you’ll see that even your mascara is now off. If you still have some eyeliner left, use a cotton bud dipped in some makeup remover, baby oil, or petroleum jelly to pick up the product.

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Lastly, remove your base. Use your makeup remover and sweep off the day’s foundation, primer, blush, and bronzer. After this, go ahead and cleanse your face with your trusty facial wash. This method is known as “double cleansing” where you start with an oil-based remover and then use a regular water-based cleanser. Religiously doing this method will give you clearer and cleaner skin. Follow it up with your toner, eye cream, and moisturizer.

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