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This Is Probably Why Your Highlighter Doesn't Look Cute

A little tweaking is all you need.
PHOTO: Jon Paterson, Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D

Do you sometimes notice that your highlighter looks so chunky and unnatural no matter how much you blend it? You apply it and expect to look like a glazed donut, but you just end up looking like you have a chunk of shimmer on your cheeks. Not cute.

Apparently, achieving a natural-looking glow relies on the order of your makeup application! Benefit Cosmetics makeup artist Czari Domingo shared the secrets to score born-with-it dewy skin:

Czari recommended that strobing should come first before blush and contour. And we think it makes sense: Highlighter is meant to improve the skin's appearance so it's only logical that it should be done after perfecting the base. Keep scrolling to find out her suggested routine so you can switch on the dew:

  1. Apply a pore-blurring primer on the areas where you'll normally put on highlighter. This step will prevent the shimmers from emphasizing large pores and rough skin texture.
  2. After you've applied foundation and concealer, dab a cream or liquid highlighter on the top of the cheekbones and bridge of the nose.
  3. Using your fingers, dab and blend a tint or cream blush on the apples of your cheeks. 

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  4. Brush on loose powder on the T-zone to control shine.

  5. Once the liquid products have settled, apply a powder highlighter on your cheekbones with a light hand.

  6. Then, set your cheek tint with a powder blush.

  7. This is optional: Sculpt your face with a matte bronzer.

And you're done! We tried it ourselves, and we saw the difference. Tweaking the order of steps helps you achieve a lit-from-within glow.

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