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Kendall Jenner's Beauty Secrets Reveal She's Tamad Just Like Us

She even does her makeup in the car!
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Out of all the Kardashian-Jenner sisters’ signature beauty looks, Kendall Jenner’s is arguably the most effortless and attainable. It’s not that we’re disregarding Kylie’s or Kim’s altogether—it’s just that when it comes to everyday makeup, natural is just about the easiest way to go.

In a new interview with, the supermodel reveals the beauty tricks she swears by. True enough, they’re as simple and low-maintenance as we expected them to be. Lazy girls, start taking notes!

1. She totally sleeps with wet hair.

According to Kendall, this gives her tresses that cool, lived-in look. “When you wake up, it has that bumpy look to it. I love that."

2. She doesn’t have tons of products in her skincare routine.

That means washing with a gentle cleanser before bed and as soon as she wakes up! “I don’t like to do too much to my skin. I feel like the more I do, the more confused it gets; I have sensitive skin,” the model reveals.

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3. She prefers barely there makeup, even on the red carpet.

A makeup artist once told her to embrace her youth and keep her makeup natural. “Since then, it stuck with me—I love doing less,” Kendall explains.

4. But she’s meticulous about taking it all off, regardless of how little she has on.

Kendall shares, “I can’t go to bed not fully clean. I would never even let my friends get into my bed with their makeup on. I’m so OCD about it.”

5. She does her makeup in the car!

“This is going to sound unsafe, but I do my makeup at red lights,” Kendall admits. Us, too, Kenny—except we do ours while stuck in traffic, LOL!

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