Did Kim Kardashian Copy Urban Decay With Her New Makeup Collection?

A lot of people think she did.
PHOTO: Instagram/kkwbeauty

At the end of August 2018, Urban Decay announced the release of the latest eyeshadow palette in their Naked series: Cherry.

On September 10, 2018, Kim Kardashian also took to Instagram to share her latest makeup collection with KKW Beauty: Cherry Blossom.

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It truly is a momentous time for the humble stone fruit. Yes, the cherry has shed its '70s canned cream glacè reputation and become high fashion once again. But some members of the Internet are concerned that this is more than a coincidence, and that Kimberly went and stole Urban Decay's idea.*Pause for gasp*

Urban Decay's Cherry range consists of more than just an eyeshadow palette, it includes two eyeliners, three lipsticks, a face palette, and a cherry-scented setting spray.

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Meanwhile, Kim's Cherry Blossom collection includes an eyeshadow palette, three blushers, eight cream lipsticks, and three lip liners.

Naturally the Instagram comment section went into conspiracy mode when Kim announced her launch:

"Um UD much?!"

"Urban Decay...?"

"Urban Decay Cherry palette? Can she do anything original?"

"Doesn't Urban Decay have a cherry palette?"

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"How did 2 brands both come out with a cherry palette at the same time..."

"Why do people lose their minds about Kylie or Kim's makeup? It is SO boring and just copies other brands"

But some were quick to jump to Kim's defense, pointing out that it would have been impossible for her to copy and produce a collection in just over a week.

"You do realize that it took her time to produce this right, it had to have been her own personal idea for this lol"

"I highly doubt Kim saw Urban Decay's Cherry collection and manufactured a whole makeup collection in a week."

Also, Kim did explain that her collection was inspired by cherry blossom trees, a theme she also used for her daughter Chicago's baby shower back in January this year.

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So, as much as well all love a good conspiracy theory, I really don't think there's one here. The cherry is just having a moment and I for one, am so here for both collections.

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