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Guess How Long This Woman's Eyelashes Are

We're amazed, but also freaked out.
PHOTO: Guinness World Records

If you, like us, have a few lashes falling out every day due to eye rubbing or wearing mascara, then this bit of beauty news might make you jealous shookt: Chinese woman You Jianxia has just been revealed as having the world's longest eyelashes, which are 4.88 inches long!

According to the Guinness World Records, Jianxia's amazingly long lashes are all thanks to her ~*special relationship*~ with nature: She went on an 18-month nature retreat in 2013, and ever since then, her lashes have continued to ~*grow*~.

Hmm, maybe we should all take a break from our hectic lives, go on an 18-month retreat into the mountains, and come back with long af lashes...What do you think, CGs?  

H/t: Cosmpolitan US

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