This Woman's Story Is A Scary Reminder To Always Remove Your Mascara

She did not fully remove her mascara for years!
PHOTO: istockphoto

Mascara may be a pain to remove, but if you love your budgeproof formulas, spending a few extra minutes wiping them off is always worth it. In fact, not doing so could lead to disastrous consequences—case in point: The experience of one Australian woman, who admitted to 25 years of skimping proper mascara removal, developed a condition that'll make your stomach turn.

According to a case study, 50-year-old Theresa Lynch consulted a doctor about an odd sensation she was feeling in her eyes. Far from what she initially expected, Dr. Dana Robaei found something worse than a stye.

The study reports that Theresa developed "multiple darkly pigmented subconjunctival concretions" on the inside of her upper eyelid, with some of it eroding "through the conjunctival surface." Basically, some of the leftover mascara from all those years repeatedly rubbed against the inside of her eyes until they got stuck. Yikes. (Click here to see the image. Warning: It's a little graphic!)

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The moral lesson? Always remove your makeup before going to bed, no matter how lazy tired you are. Pay extra attention to your eye area, too, for reasons stated above.

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