These Cushion Compacts Are So Pretty, We Want To Cry

Why settle for plain compacts when these exist?!
PHOTO: Instagram/memebox_korea

Let’s be honest. Part of the reason we go cray over Korean beauty products is the packaging (though thankfully, most of them work wonders, too). Any girl can relate to the pleasure that can be derived from unboxing the cutest eyeshadow palette or touching up with a beautifully designed compact.

Speaking of cushion compacts, how ~*beautiful*~ are these? Hunt them down on your next trip to Korea, CGs!

Laneige x Lucky Chouette BB Cushion

Verite Aurora Cover Cushion

Beyond Alice In Glow Cushion

IPKN x Esther Loves You Velvet Founcushion

Banila Co. x IPHORIA CC Cushion

Launches in Manila this October!

HERA x Eric Giriat UV Mist Cushion

The Face Shop x Kakao Friends Cushion

Launches in Manila this October!

Innisfree My Cushion

Isa Knox x Bambi Micro Foam Cushion

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

Cathy Cat Micro Cover BB Cushion

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