'Sandbagging' Is The Secret To Smudge-Free Eye Makeup

Not as offensive as it sounds!

YouTube/Wayne Goss

Everyone has experienced having smudged liner on their lower lash line at least once. Though you swore you used a pencil that was “smudge-proof” and “waterproof”, sometimes, the pencil just ends up on your under-eye area—a place that does not need attention.

So what do you do when your ~*budge-proof*~ liners don’t work anymore? Try sandbagging. We know, we know. It doesn't sound pretty, but hear us out here.

The technique is used to lock in cream products and prevent them from smearing and smudging. It’s like how sandbags are used to prevent floodwaters to get into a house—you create a barrier. It’s best for keeping creamy kohl pencils on your waterline or your lipsticks just on your lips. It’s *kind of* similar to baking, only this one doesn't offer as much highlight.

To do it, you’ll need loose powder and a wedge spongepress it against the area that is right below your lower lash line. Here’s celebrity makeup artist Wayne Goss demonstrating it:

The Kardashians' go-to makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic, also swears by this technique and uses it to seal in lipstick. Here’s a photo of him doing it to lock in Kim K’s lippie:

Totally trying this out!

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